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Boston Executive Helicopters operates only turbine power helicopters; we do not utilize piston powered aircraft. Turbine helicopters provide proven safety and reliability over small piston powered helicopters. Our aircraft are maintained under strict Air Carrier standards and are flown by the most experienced helicopter pilots in New England. We utilize the 5 passenger, quiet and comfortable American Eurocopter Astar.

Our Aircraft Offers:

  • A plush interior with leather seating and noise canceling headphones for your safety and comfort
  • A cruise speed of 120 knots
  • Complete interior heating and air conditioning

Luggage Capacity:

    Executive Helicopter Charter - Luggage CapacityThe two Side Luggage holds of the Eurocopter AS350 vary in size which is due to the right side luggage hold containing the helicopter batteries. Left Side Hold: Length 120cm X Height 70cm X Depth 40cm at one end decreasing to 20cm in depth at the other end. Right side hold: Length 80cm again decreasing in size from one end to the other.
    Boston Helicopter Charter - Side Luggage CapacityAlthough larger than the side luggage holds the rear luggage hold has a much smaller entrance. This is one of the reasons you need to use soft sports hodalls - bags that can be squashed and oushed through irregular shapes! The door leading to the rear luggage hold is 44cm X 55cm – depth of the hold is 90cm X Length 80cm X Height 60 cm.

Avoid the time and hassle of "airport" flying. Our aircraft and services provide you with critical and time sensitive travel without the long lines and headaches of the airport. Boston Executive Helicopters travels when YOU want, on YOUR schedule.

  • Boston Executive Helicopters is THE premier helicopter company in the Boston area.
  • Boston Executive Helicopters - Helicopter Charter Service
  • Boston Executive Helicopters was founded by the legendary aviation enthusiast, Moshe Yanai
  • Avoid the delays and wasted time of commercial air travel by choosing Boston Executive Helicopters Charter

We offer safety and comfort in our spacious, 5 passenger, executive helicopters.

We offer turbine powered helicopters and the most experienced pilots in New England. Operating out of Norwood Municipal Airport, the closest airport to Boston; we can meet all of your helicopter needs. Specializing in transport to New York, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Boston and any other destination in New England, including the Hamptons.

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